This page is dedicated to models of the Blennerhassett Area RC Club. If you have a plane you would like displayed on this page, please email me a picture, and your plane will appear here. 


Joe Kapraun's New P-40 Build

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It will have operating flaps and robart rotating air retracts.  I plan to put a O.S 1.20 four stroke in her for power.  I also have a Bob Dively cockpit detail kit I'm going to try to incorporate along with a WWII pilot.



Larry Smith's New Piper Cherokee PA-140


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This is a Great Planes ARF, it is powered by an OS 46FX swinging a Zinger 11x5 prop. The servos in the wing are Spectrum Digitals. The Cherokee has fully functional flaps. It's first flight was on August 29, 2009. It flies well and it took me a total of 30 hours to finish it. If you are going to build one of these see me, I documented with pictures the construction process. The plane costs 159.99 from Tower, my plane was purchased from Aerotech Hobbies in Canton, Ohio.


Larry's New ESCAPADE

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I started a new plane , this time it is a Great Planes ESCAPADE AFR, it will be powered by a Thunder Tiger Pro 46 swinging a Zinger 11x5 prop. This plane is a faster build than the Cherrokee was. I figure three good evening and you should be able to get it close to flying. This plane was purchased from Aerotech Hobbies in Canton, Ohio. Steve Wigal is also building this plane, as of September 2009 there will be three of these flying at the field. The cost of this plane is under 100.00.


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Well this is version 2 of the ESCAPADE. This plane has a 70 four stroke engine swinging a zinger 12-8 prop. The radio system is Spektrum DX-7 2.4 Ghz. I estimate the planes weight between 4.5 to 5.5 lbs. It took three long evening to complete it and it will be ready for test flight October 10, 2009.



 Doug has been adding a new fleet of Jets to his Hanger, Shown here are a A10 Warthog and a F15 Eagle. Both are products of Hobby Lobby and a powered by electric ducted fans, the A10 has flown this fall and the F15 is scheduled to fly in the Spring of 2010. Any questions, contact Doug..............



Doug adds more Jets to his hanger. I think he is addicted to Jet's this year.


Frank Purcell's Super Sniper

Here's the completed Super Sniper. I bought it from Fan Jets USA. If anyone wants to get this plane I can offer some help - some of the assembly is a little tricky. This plane will top out at 150 MPH.
It's an electric ducted fan jet, 6.75 pounds full-up weight, retracts, 90 mm fan - 5 blade, 4" pitch, full out at 40,000 RPM, 3.4 HP, 150 MPH. Length is 47 inches, wing span is 44 inches.
The bird has two 3700 MAH, 4 cell LiPo batteries in series for the fan and a separate battery for the receiver. Full throttle will give about 4 minutes. I'll time the first few flights and check returning battery capacity. Everything is locktited. Bird will coast ok w/o power so just need to stay close to runway.



The Parkzone Habu is a quick build and a high quality "ready to fly" ducted fan jet. Check out Fan Jets USA as well as Horizon. I used 2-1/2" foam wheels in place of the 1-3/4" wheels that come with it. (That only adds 1.6 oz to the total weight, but should allow a grass take-off.) If you get the Habu and want to use 2-1/2" wheels I can give you some tips. Location of the CG is described cryptically as, ' 4" behind the leading edge of the wing root'. In English, after careful measurement, the CG is 5-3/4" behind the front butt of the wing to the fuselage. The photo shows the plane suspended at the CG. I needed to add 1 oz. of weight at the tail. The fan is 60 mm diameter, total up weight 2.94 pounds, 36.3" wing-span, 43.3" length.