Flight Instruction for Novice Pilots

The club has an active training program to encourage newcomers to the sport of radio control flying. There are two levels of instruction:


Introductory Pilot Program

See Introductory Pilot program that is designed to introduce non-members without AMA membership to aeromodeling. AMA membership normally provides liability insurance. Under the Introductory Pilot Program, we have several  instructors who are listed with the AMA and are authorized (and insured) to supervise non-AMA members.

Instruction for Club Members with AMA membership

The following are Certified instructors at BARCC

Master Ins. Larry Smith 2 304-485-5965 Airplane/Helicopter
Asst. M. I. Joe Kapruan 2 304-295-0143 Airplane
Asst. M. I. Sam Samuelson 2 304-615-1430 Airplane
Asst. I. S. Dan Logan 2 304-482-3507 Airplane

In order to qualify for BARCC Solo Certificate, all beginning pilots must be approved by any of the Instructors listed above. 

Please note that instructors are not paid for their services and sometimes like to fly their own planes too. Please don't demand an instructor's full-time attention for the entire day. On the other hand, don't be too timid. Make sure the instructor knows you are "ready and waiting" and are not there just to watch!

Students should understand that the instructor should not and can not be held responsible for damages resulting to the student's airplane or property or other people's property as a result of this instruction. Circumstances may arise that are unpreventable. Your instructor will do his best to guide you through the teaching process. However, it is not possible for your instructor to control all unforeseen possibilities. This document is intended as only a guide and is not offered to be the definitive manual for flight training. Under NO circumstances should a student attempt flying without the assistance of an instructor. In the event a listed Club Instructor is not present at the field, new members are encouraged to ask any club member for assistance. Do not make the mistake of flying without assistance.

See Ground School and Flight School