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I have two helicopters for sale, these are complete just add a transmitter. Both helicopters are on 2.4 and have DX-7 seven channel receivers. Both have carbon fiber blades and 401 gyros and high speed servos. Both are powered by OS 50SX engines. The Venture 50CP has an onboard voltage regulator and powered by a two cell lipo.The helicopters are as listed below:

Horizon Hobbies JR VENTURE 50CP

Robinson R22 Scale. Century Falcon III mechanics

Replacement cost to replace the R22 would be 1600.00 +

The Venture 50CP is valued at 1000.00, this heli has a bad piston, a 100.00 fix.

I have a few parts and complete manuals



R22                          200.00

VENTURE 50CP    175.00

Call Larry Smith at 304-483-7477

June 8, 2017